• Sister vehicle Volvo Ailsa SSN253S in the second version of the Tayside livery

Vehicle details


November 1977



Fleet number(s)



Volvo Ailsa Mk I (Aa B55-10)

Chassis number



Volvo TD70A Diesel


Alexander AV17/2876/13



New to

Tayside Regional Council

Other operators

A1 Service, Stagecoach, Clyde Coast

Current owner(s)

Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society member(s)

Current livery



Saved, stored safely and parts sourced for future restoration


Vehicle history

SSN248S is from the second batch of twenty Mark I Ailsas delivered to Tayside SSN236S to SSN255S (fleet numbers 236 to 255). Along with other buses in the batch it was withdrawn after deregulation and spent time in storage including a spell at Grampian Transport’s King Street depot in Aberdeen. The reason for storage in Aberdeen was to allow Grampian Transport to quickly have access to additional vehicles during the early stages of deregulation with operators competing very strongly on certain route. A reciprocal arrangement applied to Tayside who could call on assistance from Grampian.

A disastrous fire at the Larkfield depot of Strathclyde Buses in spring 1992 created an urgent need for replacement vehicles and 248 was one of a number of Tayside Ailsas which were reactivated and sent to Glasgow. It was numbered C911 during its stay and had a partial repaint with the front and rear ends in Strathclyde red. When it returned to Dundee the red parts of its bodywork were repainted back into fleet livery but the bus did not run again in Dundee.

After final withdrawal by Tayside, SSN248S was sold to a member of the A1 Service co-operative in Ayrshire. It survived the Stagecoach takeover and received Stagecoach fleet number 960 before being sold to Clyde Coast whose livery it currently carries.

In preservation

Clyde Coast sold the bus for preservation in 2000. Since then it has been resident at the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust at Bridgeton, where it remains in the short term following its purchase by a member of the society in 2013.