• Volvo Ailsa HSR46X in the second version of the Tayside livery which featured a coloured council crest

Vehicle details


8 November 1981



Fleet number(s)



Volvo Ailsa Mk III (Aa B55-10)

Chassis number



Volvo TD70H Diesel


Alexander RV3/2179/11


H51/33D then from 1 February 1990 H48/36F

New to

Tayside Regional Council

Other operators

Redline, Focus, Much Hoole, Platinum Fulwood

Current owner(s)

Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society

Current livery



Restoration currently on hold


Vehicle history

This bus comes from the first batch of Mark III Ailsas to be delivered to Tayside Regional Council in 1981. This was the last batch of Alexander-bodied Ailsas to be delivered to Tayside and unlike all the previous batches the X-registered buses had Alexander’s recently-introduced R-type body although all were a half-bay longer than equivalent models built for other fleets. The interior specification differed from earlier batches too with different laminates and brown vinyl seats. The chassis used the same Voith gearbox that had been fitted previously to Mark II Ailsa WTS276T and which was fitted in all subsequent Tayside Ailsas. The buses were used initially on Whitfield services 15/17.

In common with the majority of other Mark III Ailsas in the fleet, HSR46X received a single-door conversion during the late 1980s/early 1990s. In 1991 it was chosen to receive Dundee Corporation green livery to commemorate the octocentenary of the City of Dundee in that year. It kept the colours for several years.

In Travel Dundee days the X-registered Ailsas outlasted the newer East Lancs and Northern Counties-bodied buses. The last survivors were withdrawn in 1999, replaced initially by hired-in Leyland Lynxes from Travel West Midlands - one of the more bizarre episodes in the history of Dundee’s buses! HSR46X, the last Volvo Ailsa to operate in normal service in Dundee, was sold to an independent operator in Merseyside.

In preservation

The bus was bought from a Barnsley dealer in November 2007. The interior had been repainted blue by a previous owner and most of this has now been removed. A replacement set of seat squabs and cushions has been located, trimmed and fitted. There has been some external repanelling and the floor, which had been painted grey, has been repainted back to match its original colour.

After spending several years in Wigan being looked after and restored by a Society member the bus returned to Scotland in October 2010.