• Daimler Fleetline GSL908N numbered 120 in the fleet but with Dundee Corporation crest already covered by Tayside Regional Council sticker

Vehicle details


28 March 1975



Fleet number(s)

120, 180 (April 1976)


Daimler Fleetline (Dr CRG6LXB)

Chassis number



Gardner 6LXB Diesel


Alexander Ar AL31/1372/13



New to

Dundee Corporation

Other operators

Tayside Regional Council

Current owner(s)

Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society

Current livery



Saved, stored safely and parts sourced for future restoration


Vehicle history

Dundee Corporation’s last order for buses was a batch of 15 Alexander-bodied Daimler Fleetlines, similar to the 1972 delivery but with curved windscreens, reflective number plates and automatic gearbox control and were registered GSL895N to GSL910N. They were delivered by December 1974, but required gearbox modifications by BLMC’s Glasgow service centre before entering service (these were the first vehicles in the fleet with automatic transmission). GSL908N entered service on 28 March 1975, only weeks before Tayside Regional Council took over the Dundee Corporation fleet. Two of the batch, 108 and 121, were not delivered until Tayside took over. Although Tayside ordered a further batch of Fleetlines the order was converted to Bristol VRTs (one of which, OSR204R, is in the Society’s collection) and no more Daimlers were bought.

Numbered 120 on delivery it was renumbered along with the rest of the batch in April 1976 and became 180: Dundee Corporation had a long tradition of renumbering vehicles and this tradition was continued by Tayside. The numbers vacated by this batch of vehicles were taken by new Ailsas.

Tayside Region was very keen to rid itself of British Leyland products, and this meant that the final batch of Fleetlines was withdrawn when they were still relatively youthful, replaced by Tayside’s final batch of Ailsas. GSL908N was one of the last to be withdrawn in March 1984. The whole batch was resold by Ensignbus the well-known Purfleet dealership. Three were exported to Argos Bus Service of Hong Kong in 1984 (GSL903N to GSL905N, nos 175 to 177, the first now available as a diecast model).

GSL908N was sold by Ensign to Cedar Coaches, Bedford and converted to single door configuration. GSL908N was bought for preservation during the 1990s and was added to the Society’s collection of vehicles in 2004. Sadly GSL909N, the final bus bought by Dundee Corporation, was beyond saving.

In preservation

The single door conversion has been removed, and a set of exit doors rescued from a scrap Grampian Atlantean is awaiting fitment. The fibreglass assembly for the front dome and destination screen has been removed for repair.