• Leyland Leopard with Plaxton bodywork GSL306W in Dundee's City Centre in 1981

Vehicle details


December 1980


GSL306W, 6689DP, FSL62W

Fleet number(s)

306 "Glen Garry"


Leyland Leopard Ld PSU3F/4R

Chassis number



Leyland 0.680 Diesel


Plaxton Supreme V Express Pn 8011LX548



New to

Tayside Regional Council

Other operators

Oban & District, Hartlepool Transport, Rapson of Brora

Current owner(s)

Taybus Vintage Vehicle Society

Current livery



Saved, stored safely and parts sourced for future restoration


Vehicle history

In common with many other bus operators in the late 1970s, Tayside Regional Council moved into coaching. Traditionally most municipal operators had avoided running coaches as it works in a completely different way to operating local buses. After a headlong rush during the 1970s and 1980s most bus companies retreated pretty quickly. One of the longer-lasting of these was Travel Greyhound, the coaching arm of Tayside’s successor company formed when Tayside bought out Greyhound Luxury Coaches in 1989 and which survives in a limited form today.

Initially Tayside used several secondhand Bedfords but in 1980 bought two new Leyland Leopards with Plaxton bodies which were typical public sector coaches of the time. GSL306W is the first of these and four similar vehicles arrived the following year.

For much of its life with Tayside it was used on private hires and similar work though all six Leopards were fitted with destination displays and ticket equipment and occasionally ventured onto local bus work. In common with the rest of the coach fleet GSL306W received a cherished registration (6689DP) and a name ("Glen Garry").

GSL306W was withdrawn in the late 1990s and re-registered FSL62W, the mark it still carries today. Along with the other five Leopards it was sold to Oban & District with whom it remained for a while. It was later sold to Hartlepool Transport before ending up in the ownership of Rapson of Brora who coincidentally had run ex-Tayside Fleetline PYJ454L in the 1980s.

In preservation

GSL306W was bought for preservation during 2004. The bodywork is complete apart from the seats, some of which require replacement. This bus has a class VI prohibition notice in place which can only be removed when the vehicle passes a future class VI test. This means that the bus will have a much more detailed restoration than would otherwise be necessary.